20 more Mercedes-Benz Actros trucks for Yearsley Logistics

Mercedes-Benz Actros 2545 for Yearsley Logistics

11 years after Yearsley Logistics bought its first Mercedes-Benz Actros, the UK’s largest frozen food logistics service has added 20 more to its 200-strong fleet of tractor units.

Yearsley Logistics’ Actros tractor units work with more than 300 temperature-controlled single- and double-decked trailers. It services customers ranging from the biggest supermarket distribution centres to small corner shops.

Its new trucks are fitted with Mercedes-Benz Predictive Powertrain Control systems (PPC). This uses 3D mapping and GPS data to scan the road ahead.

With this information it influences gear changes and vehicle speed, utilising the truck’s EcoRoll function to lower diesel consumption and CO2 emissions. Furthermore, the latest vehicles are the first that Yearsley Logistics has specified with optional Mercedes-Benz Safety Packs.

Will Maycock, Yearsley Logistics’ Head of Transport, explains: “Although we’ve been happy with our Actros fleet, we continue to benchmark our trucks against the competition. These exercises encompass whole-life cost analysis based on factors including fuel consumption, capital costs, and maintenance.

“As a result, our most recent acquisitions have been of Mercedes-Benz vehicles.”

Meanwhile, regarding the new safety features, Maycock remarks: “We’re always keen to test out any new technology that can increase safety, for the benefit of our own staff and everyone else on the road. The feedback from our drivers has already been very positive.”

Michael Dalton
Michael graduated from university in 2016 with a degree in Human, Social, and Political Sciences, and is a former contributor to The Truck Expert.