Page 17 - Commercial Vehicle Engineer - November 2018
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Econic cab:  ve-star London rating.
this month Mercedes-Benz Trucks
UK commissioned a UK-wide survey
of drivers, cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians. One of its  ndings is that though 87% of cyclists and 91% of motorcyclists are aware that truck drivers have restricted visibility, 58% admit to having stopped or passed on the inside
of a truck which then turned left. The research also underlined something that Mercedes arch-rival Volvo Group has been emphasising for several years, that eye contact between truck drivers (and indeed all drivers) and vulnerable road users is
a vital element in road safety. Nearly all motorcyclists and cyclists (94 and 93% respectively) in the Mercedes-Benz
Trucks survey acknowledged that seeing
a driver’s face helped in understanding their intentions.
“At Mercedes-Benz we are committed to using the very best technology to increase visibility on the road, helping to keep both the driver and other road users as safe as possible,” says Mercedes-Benz Trucks UK managing director Mike Belk. “We have been developing innovative safety systems for more than 45 years and we continue to advance road safety with our latest trucks, including the Econic. We’re pleased that this year’s Road Safety Week campaign (run by road safety charity Brake) puts the focus on those who are most vulnerable on the road. Raising awareness of truck driver interaction with cyclists and pedestrians will help to guarantee the safety of all
road users.”
The low-entry Econic cab and the
wide  eld of vision afforded to a driver by its deep windscreen and fully glazed passenger door has been attracting more and more attention from operators in various sectors seeking to do everything
Volvo Trucks: global traf c safety scheme started two years ago.
they can to minimise risk of accidents involving vulnerable road users. Under the highly controversial “direct vision” standard proposed by Transport for London (TfL) and due to come into force in the capital late next year, the Econic gets a “ ve-star” (maximum) rating.
Volvo Trucks ran a global traf c safety training scheme called “Stop, Look Wave” for several years until late in 2016 when the “See and be Seen” scheme aimed mainly at cyclists aged twelve and over was introduced. “The programme aims to improve understanding of how unprotected road-users and trucks can interact in the traf c environment,” says Volvo Trucks traf c and product safety
director Carl Johan Almqvist. “This time we are focusing speci cally on cyclists, teenagers and adults alike. With the fast pace of today’s traf c it is vital that as many people as possible are aware of the risks in order to avoid incidents. To reduce the risk of traf c accidents we equip our trucks with increasingly intelligent safety systems and train truck drivers in the
art of safe driving. But the human factor is of crucial signi cance in most traf c accidents, so it is vital to increase safety awareness among all road-users.”
To download the “See and Be Seen” campaign material, go to https://www. safety/see-and-be-seen.html.

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