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 doing business with us as being extremely low effort, something that is vital in providing any kind of B2B service.
More than that, building a strong relationship with your customers should be your priority - they need to know they can rely on you and your team when they need it the most. In our survey, 99% rated Keyfuels as a ‘reliable and trustworthy partner’ and 97% said
that we are ‘easy to contact’.
Digitise your service
A big part of becoming a trusted and reliable provider is minimising any errors or mistakes that could occur that could cost your customers, whether that’s wasted time, money or resources. To mitigate
the risk of any issues, harness the power
of digital technology. Whether that’s by utilising the Internet of Things by which we can enhance connectivity, moving
data storage to cloud services, or simply automating processes and tasks, digital technology is improving all our lives - professionally and otherwise – every day. Another advantage of this is that it can often be far cheaper and easier to make the switch than it is to stay with outdated systems. Keyfuels is a good example of
this – our management systems make it far easier to control the cost of your company’s fuel than keeping receipts and submitting them to administrators to input manually.
Personal service begins with people
The key to providing five-star customer service is your staff. Although customer service processes are important and should be continually improved, it’s the employees carrying out any policies that will really make the difference. Having knowledgeable staff who are employed on long-term contracts and treated well translates to much greater customer satisfaction. At a time when customer service employees are frequently casualised or even outsourced, taking
a different approach can pay significant dividends.
Offer a best-in-class product or service
Fantastic customer service is key to ensuring a strong, long-lasting relationship with your customer, but ultimately that
is nothing without a great product or service. For us, we know that fuel is
one of the largest costs for any haulage business, so it is the obvious first place that many businesses look to when reducing expenditure. This doesn’t just mean looking for cheaper fuel but managing how and where drivers pay for it.
That’s why we’ve developed a suite of fuel cards that can support fleet managers to achieve this. Helping drivers to plot
new routes, with strategic refuelling stations that enable the use of fuel cards, will prevent drivers heading miles in the wrong direction to find a refuelling station, draining time and resources in the process. This is made easier by a large network with more than 3,000 sites throughout the UK. What’s more, customers note the helpfulness of their account managers, the efficiency with which they handle issues and queries and that clients do not have to remember to renew cards.
Getting back on the road
Having been under government-imposed restrictions for the last 18 months due
to the pandemic, it will soon be time for companies to start meeting with their clients again. More than anything, meeting face-to-face is the best way to build lasting business relationships, and when at last you can shake hands with clients again it’s important to go the extra mile: a high-
end country pub or even one of the new generation of service stations at Gloucester and Tebay.
Ultimately though, the results we have seen from our survey show that efficiency and attentiveness is rewarded with long-term loyalty and the willingness to recommend your company to others. And that’s what we’re all aiming for as business owners; to grow our customer base and in turn provide quality goods and services.
To learn more about our approach to customer satisfaction, visit:
       About the author
Paul Holland is managing director for UK fuel at Fleetcor.
About Keyfuels
Keyfuels is an independent fuel card provider to the HGV and LCV market, and a subsidiary of Fleetcor.

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