Page 16 - Commercial Vehicle Engineer - September 2021
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The development of autonomous vehicles of all sizes is continuing but we are still some way off seeing driverless vehicles as a regular fixture on UK roads. By Dan Parton
  D riverless autonomous commercial vehicles took a step closer to making it
onto mainstream roads in February, when Swedish specialist CV
manufacturer Einride announced a trial with supermarket chain Lidl.
Since April 2020, Einride and Lidl had been developing a new, connected electric transport system, which went live in February. The launch was an
important step in the strategic innovation collaboration that the companies initiated in 2017 to electrify and automate freight.
Since the start of the partnership, Lidl and Einride have aimed to electrify and automate deliveries from Lidl's central warehouse to its stores. The electric vehicles operate from Rosersberg outside Stockholm, which eliminates emissions and reduces costs compared to diesel trucks.
As part of the system, electric trucks equipped with Einride's control and monitoring software travel 324km per day making deliveries to five stores in the Stockholm region, with an average of 104 pallets per store.
“The routes are decided based on calculations of where electric and autonomous vehicles would have the largest impact,” explains Einride's CCO, Jonas Hernlund. “Safety is our number

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