Page 18 - Commercial Vehicle Engineer - September 2021
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   of 1,000 electric trucks and help connect customers, carriers and terminals in the regions. We want to lead the transition to the future of freight transport.”
Demand is also growing internationally for Einride’s solutions, especially with the current driver shortage. “In 2020, we saw a driver shortage of over 80,000, and this is a number that just keeps on growing,” says Hernlund. “As the road freight industry transitions to an intelligent and sustainable solution, there will be ample opportunity to drive connected electric trucks. When autonomy is introduced
on a broader scale, drivers will become remote operators, which will create a safer and more regular work environment and increase the attractiveness of a profession that is facing global shortages and significant gender inequality.”
He adds that Einride view the UK market as a priority and will enter it as its next step in its European expansion. “Our current ambition is to launch in the UK next year,” he says.
Hernlund adds that Einride strives to be pioneers within electric and autonomous freight. “While many of our competitors focus on updating old systems and diesel
trucks our ambition is to completely transform freight transport to be more sustainable and intelligent,” he says. “We believe that it’s possible with the latest technology and we have proven that it is possible through the implementation we have already seen. Therefore, we intend to continue to be on the forefront when it comes to developing the future of freight.”
Einride's Pod next to a more conventional tractor unit
He adds that he sees a future for autonomous vehicles in closed-end operations such as warehouses, ports, construction sites and the like, but also on public roads. “Einrides' focus is to provide our customers with a service moving their goods from point A to B on roads,” he says. “Our systems are specifically built for road freight, which in some cases can be closed- end operations.”
Einride and Lidl have worked together since 2017

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