Page 24 - Commercial Vehicle Engineer - September 2021
P. 24

   Goodyear's Drive Over Reader
For instance, Tecalemit’s AXIS
500s model measures total toe, single
toe and rear axle out of square.
“With an inclinometer for measuring turning angles at +/-20o without floor scale, the AXIS 500 provides the technician with the capability to configure the vehicle to within manufacturer’s tolerances,”
notes England.
Meanwhile fellow wheel alignment specialist Pro-Align works to manufacturer details on wheel alignment.
“If the manufacturer wants it done a certain way, we do it a certain way,” explains David Mendoza, Pro-Align’s national sales manager. “For instance, if a truck has independent front suspension, there is a different way of doing it if it doesn’t have independent front suspension. We have
to stick to what the manufacturer says to ensure the truck comes out of the repair shop like it has just come out of the factory.”
A quick test can demonstrate if wheels are misaligned

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