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 entire mechanism also ensures there is no accidental disconnection of the Multi-FF, further supporting safe operation.
Another important parameter for such systems to earn an ‘ergonomically good’ reputation is the effort it requires to function. In terms of QDCs, this statement translates into the force needed to achieve connection. Multi-FF connects with significantly less force in comparison with standalone couplings, while the U-shape handle provides adequate grip for the operator, again simplifying operation.
An experimental study proved that even those inexperienced around commercial vehicles can complete the connection of a Multi-FF coupling in about nine seconds, which is significantly less than the time required to connect a similar number of lines one-by-one.
Commercial vehicles are utilised in many different environments and for various tasks. These machines must minimise downtime to ensure a good return on investment. If
a commercial vehicle is ‘out of order’ there
is a potential risk of missed deadlines and reduced profits. Hence, in the event of component failure, quick maintenance or part replacement in the field becomes crucial in returning the machine to service. Danfoss Power Solutions' Multi-FF offers greater serviceability; if one of the quick couplings on Multi-FF starts leaking or fails, there is no need to remove it from the equipment. With the use of standard tools, it is possible to replace a coupling in just a few seconds while Multi-FF remains mounted on the machine.
While Multi-FF can operate dry, for extended service life Danfoss Power Solution recommends that solid lubrication be applied on gear-teeth regions once
every six months. This simple maintenance schedule will underpin smooth system operation over a longer period.
Contamination is an enemy of hydraulic circuits as it can degrade the functionality
of system components and cause malfunctions. So utmost care is necessary to ensure dust particles do not enter
the hydraulic system. The functionality
of Danfoss Power Solutions' Multi-FF
is unaffected when used in the dirty environments commercial vehicles can operate in.
The Multi-FF features a dust cap for the bottom plate that houses all of the coupling’s female halves. The dust cap shuts off automatically whenever the plates disconnect, protecting components from contamination. A sealing band
on the top surface of the plate prevents dust particles from entering the
system, whether the plate is connected or disconnected. Furthermore, the arrangement of all critical components for guiding and locking is internal to the system, while additional seals on the pinions prevents dust from entering via small clearances.
Danfoss Power Solutions recommends operators clean the surfaces of couplings before connection. The use of flat-face couplings in the Multi-FF makes it easy to clean, especially on the bottom plate as the couplings and plate surface are flush with one another. Additionally, the flat-face coupling concept itself helps in contamination-free operation thanks to its flush-face valving.
While standalone QDCs are usually industry interchangeable, Danfoss Power
It is possible to replace a coupling in a few seconds
Solutions' Multi-FF is customisable to
meet the specific needs of commercial vehicle customers. Multi-FF is available with an electrical connector for DC
power transmission from equipment to attachment, with various numbers of contacts in each connector. Danfoss Power Solutions can also provide special couplings for water or air transfer as per application requirements, in addition to the standard FF-series coupling. Integrated FF couplings are also available in carbon steel and stainless steel, and in different sealing and end connection options.
Customisation of the coupling arrangement in Multi-FF is also possible to best fit commercial vehicles, and in given space constraints. For example, tweaking the QDC arrangement makes Multi-FF longer in length but shorter in width, if there is a space constraint in one axis. Danfoss Power Solutions has also included a configuration in its standard offering that pairs with the DLM122 directional control valve, eliminating the need for hose assemblies on the bottom plate.
About the authors
Christian Kuenstel is product manager connectors, hydraulics EMEA at Danfoss Power Solutions.. Atul Puranik is senior engineer connectors, hydraulics APAC at Danfoss Power Solutions and Sebastien Lafond is senior engineering group manager, hydraulics EMEA at Danfoss Power Solutions..

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