Page 16 - Commercial Vehicle Engineer - October 2021
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   The technology has been trialled already
in Germany and Sweden
“The challenge isn’t to show the cables work, because we know they do, they
are well demonstrated in Germany and Sweden,” says David Cebon, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Cambridge University and director of the CSRF. “The real point of this trial is to show the whole of the freight system can be electrified.
““That isn’t just the vehicles, it is about understanding the whole logistics system
and how it can work. It is also about de-risking all aspects of it, whether that’s the logistics, or emergency services – what happens if there is an accident? – maintenance, finance, how you generate tax income from it or charge people for using it, all the bits that you need in order to get to a financially attractive, economically viable and environmentally attractive freight system for the UK.”
Cebon believes that the ERS offers the cheapest, most efficient and lowest carbon option for the future of UK road freight, despite the fact some infrastructure would need to be built.
“In the ehighway you have cheapest vehicles, and they are the most efficient.

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