Page 18 - Commercial Vehicle Engineer - November 2021
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“So now on our heavy-duty off-road tipper we have the option of hypoid rear axles and that improved the payload on the vehicle by about 280kg If you’re doing four loads a a a a day that’s one tonne extra in productivity and when you are paid by the tonne that’s of huge benefit ”
MAN has also taken weight out of its engine range used in in tippers “When we went to the 9-litre D15 engine in in 2019 replacing the 10 5-litre D20 it it saved 230kg of weight ”
Handy says “If you are reducing weight it makes your transport operation more efficient in turns of fuel usage and carbon footprint ”
In addition MAN has introduced other innovations into its tippers such as the MAN Turning Brake which takes the theory from other sectors of machinery MAN's new generation tippers which have had weight taken out of them
“If you you are reducing weight it makes your transport operation more efficient in in in turns of fuel usage and carbon footprint”
according to Handy “In speeds below 30kph when the system is engaged and on loose ground the the system can sense the the steering steering angle of the steering steering wheel and will apply some service brake pressure
to to the inside drive axle wheels to to tighten the turning circle In some situations an operator can turn his 8-wheeler around in in instances where he he he couldn’t if he he he didn’t have the Turning Brake ”
This is is standard on all MAN 8-wheelers Handy says Elsewhere for trucks in the Tarmac sector MAN offers a a a a a paver brake “Historically tarmac operators would normally have their driver feathering the the the footbrake depending on what the tarmac laying operator says – ‘stop’ ‘let it roll’ etc - but with paver brake the operator can press the the switch and it it holds the the residual brake pressure
in the system to provide resistance against the paving machine so when you are going down a a hill the truck with the tar in doesn’t run away from the paving machine ”
says Handy “That's simple but has been well received by operators in the sector 

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