Page 13 - Commercial Vehicle Engineer - December 2021
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   Additionally, the system always remains switched on when the vehicle’s speed is below 22mph, regardless of the indicator selection, and cannot be deactivated
by the driver. This is important as it is recognised that some drivers become irritated by false alerts and therefore avoid using their indicator, so their system does not trigger alerts, potentially putting vulnerable road users at risk.
Designed for most rigid body vehicles, including rigid box vehicles, tippers, mixers, coaches and buses with a minimum length of 5.2m, the system comprises six sensors which have a detection area of 2.5 metres, compared to the industry standard 1-1.5 metres. These features help to reduce the risk of fatalities by an additional 84%.
Sidescan®Predict can be retrofitted to existing vehicles and the configuration software provides multiple system tests to ensure the sensors are appropriately positioned and correctly fitted for additional peace of mind.
The system comes complete in one box with a comprehensive user manual (which is also available online) and a training video. Installation time is about six hours and integrates with other Brigade systems. Additional speed and indicator switches are not required.
“Unlike existing systems, which
simply register the presence of a
potential obstacle, Sidescan®Predict is constantly gathering data in a vehicle’s vicinity,” said Emily Hardy, marketing manager of Brigade Electronics. “This provides additional benefits to operators
by significantly reducing false alarms and increasing confidence in the accuracy of warning alerts. We are confident that it will make a positive impact to road and worksite safety and preventing fatalities.”
Commercial vehicle fleet an automatic overload system.
partner Alltruck Group has invested in its third Stertil Koni lift at its new
workshop in Grangemouth. Alltruck has purchased a
FreedomLift 2-post lift, type SK2055, which has a safe lifting capacity of 5.5 tonnes and, due to its compact design, ensures maximum space utilisation. It can lift a variety of vehicles from commercial vans to small heavy-duty trucks, and its telescopic support arms enable fast and simple adjustment. Alltruck Group specified the Stertil Koni SK2055 complete with special extended flexible arms that increase further the flexibility and versatility of the lift. This lift provides a maximum lifting height of 2045mm, which is reached in just 39 seconds.
The Stertil Koni SK2055 2-post
lift incorporates several safety features including an independent mechanical locking system that engages at 210mm above floor level. Also, an advanced synchronisation feature automatically commences at a height difference of 15mm. Furthermore, this model offers a gravity-operated locking pawl and
 Powered by a reliable electro- hydraulic system, all operations are controlled by a conveniently positioned push button console.
Alltruck already uses a Stertil Koni 17.5 tonne capacity 4-post lift, type ST4175, which was chosen in preference to a conventional inspection pit. Alltruck also uses another Stertil Koni 4-post lift, a type ST4250.
The Grangemouth facility provides a host of workshop operations including servicing, repairs and maintenance on vehicles ranging from 3.5 tonne vans up to 44 tonne tractor units. In a typical day, 20
to 30 vehicles pass through the workshop which operates six days a week, 12 hours a day.
“We wanted market-leading products supported by an efficient after sales service to help keep downtime to a minimum,” said
Davie Russell, general manager of the Alltruck Group. “From previous experience of using Stertil Koni heavy duty vehicle lifts, we knew that we could rely on top quality performance and reliability in our extremely busy workshop environment.”

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