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  Duncan Forrester
One way in which Volta differs in
its manufacturing processes from traditional truck builders is in its contract manufacturing method. Back in September, Volta announced that the first Volta Zero vehicles will be manufactured in Steyr, Austria, by Steyr Automotive, which was formerly MAN Truck and Bus Austria.
Volta’s co-founder and chief technology officer, Kjell Waloen, says: “Building
our trucks in Austria, in the heart of our European launch region, will accelerate our time to market and minimise the environmental footprint of our operations, supporting our sustainability ambitions – a key factor in our decision-making process.”
There are several other reasons why this approach has been taken, Forrester adds. “Firstly, it accelerates our ability to start manufacturing vehicles, at the right quality,” he explains. “Secondly, it’s less capital- intensive than building your own plant. And importantly, from a sustainability perspective, it means that we can utilise existing buildings and infrastructure
where there is spare capacity, rather than building a complete factory from the ground up, with all the associated environmental considerations that would bring.”
“We are 100% focused on sustainability”
  DECEMBER 2021 25
W hile much of the year, has been vocal about how it has
environmental agenda in relation to commercial vehicles has focused on
what does (or doesn’t) come out of the tailpipe, it is easy to forget that a lot of emissions are created in the process
of physically manufacturing vehicles. However, manufacturers are working hard to cut down on the environmental impact commercial vehicles make before they even turn a wheel.
One of the companies at the forefront of this is Volta Trucks. The start-up, which is currently finalising its plans for launching its Zero model next
 looked to make the entire life cycle of a commercial vehicle more sustainable.
“We are 100% focused on sustainability,” says Duncan Forrester, Volta’s chief communications officer. “Through our founder’s [Carl-Magnus Norden] original vision to make city centre environments safer and more sustainable places to live and work, we always try to consider sustainable solutions for all situations.
“As a start-up working at the pace we are, to get a vehicle to market as quickly as possible, we know that we might be making short-term decisions through speed but have a road map ahead to iterate and improve with every step.”

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