DAF LF gets more efficient drivelines

New range of drivelines for LF distribution series result in up to 7% better fuel efficiency

The DAF LF range of distribution trucks is getting a new range of drivelines that result in up to 7% higher fuel efficiency compared to existing models, depending on the application.

The upgraded drivelines consist of new PACCAR PX-5 and PX-7 diesel engines, in combination with a new eight-speed PowerLine automatic gearbox, which combine to achieve the fuel efficiency savings.

The 4.5-litre 4-cylinder PACCAR PX-5 engine and the 6.7-litre 6-cylinder PACCAR PX-7 engine have been completely redesigned. Both state-of-the-art engines are characterised by a new compacted graphite iron block and cast-iron cylinder head, which is lightweight yet ultra-strong. There are also new low-friction pistons, new highly efficient compressors and a new wastegate for the turbo.

The DAF LF’s new engines are available in a total of seven output ratings: the 4.5-litre PX-5 is available with outputs ranging from 124kW (170hp) to 153kW (210hp), while the 6.7-litre PX-7 engine offers outputs ranging from 167kW (230hp) up to 227kW (310hp). The engines develop their peak torque at even lower engine speeds, supporting down-speeding and thus improving their fuel efficiency.

Elsewhere, the new eight-speed, fully automatic PowerLine transmission features optimal gear spread and steps, including powershifting without any torque interruption. This enables smoother shifts and quick throttle response, resulting in better comfort and improved driveability. In addition, the new transmission provides outstanding low speed manoeuvrability, enabled by an urge-to-move feature upon releasing the brake pedal.

As it always has been, the updated DAF LF series will continue to be built at the Leyland Trucks facility in Lancashire, along with right-hand-drive versions of DAF’s larger trucks.

Six- and nine-speed manual transmissions will remain available for the DAF LF range, while fully automatic Allison gearboxes will continue to be available for special applications, such as refuse collection and firefighting.

Dan Parton
Dan Parton
Dan Parton is a former editor of Truck & Driver, the UK’s biggest selling truck magazine. He is now writes for The Van Expert and The Truck Expert.

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