Ford unveils autonomous electric semi truck to rival Tesla

Concept F-Vision concept offers a look into the brand’s future commercial projects

Ford has unveiled its F-Vision Future Truck concept – a fully autonomous, electric semi truck with a futuristic look similar to that of the Tesla Semi.

Created by Ford Otosan in Turkey, the model is firmly in the concept stage. We only know that it’s powered by electricity only, but further details on how far it can travel haven’t been revealed.

It features an aerodynamic body, with flush-fitting glass and a hidden door to gain access to the cab.

Ford reportedly claimed that the truck takes its styling from Marvel superheroes, and there’s a clear resemblance to Iron Man’s helmet.

In place of door mirrors, the F-Vision features slim cameras, presumably with interior monitors, while a bold LED light signature mirrors that of Ford’s F-Series of pickups.

There’s even an aerodynamic cargo trailer, with recessed and covered wheels plus smooth curves in place of sharp edges.

The F-Vision also has an ‘interactive’ front end, capable of displaying graphics to communicate with the outside world. This could be useful when driving autonomously, as the truck would be able to signal to pedestrians or other road users that it has seen them.

Self-tinting windows feature on the concept, which can become body-coloured for a totally seamless front end.

Perhaps understandably, the F-Vision Future Truck concept isn’t going to hit production any time soon, but it could preview the future of Ford commercial vehicles.

Stuart Masson
Stuart Masson
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