Hyundai presents new hydrogen-powered HGV

Eco-friendly load-lugger will make its debut at IAA Commercial Vehicle show in Hanover

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Hyundai is set to launch a large lorry powered by a hydrogen fuel cell at the 2018 IAA Commercial Vehicle show in Hanover, Germany.

The truck has only been teased so far with a rendered image, but it shows what to expect from this HGV when it eventually comes to market.

Hydrogen vehicles are essentially electric vehicles, with electric motors powering the wheels directly. Where they differ is with the hydrogen fuel cell stack – an onboard generator powered by pressurised hydrogen gas.

It allows for clean, zero-emission motoring, but as the fuel cell can be filled in a matter of minutes it eliminates the long charge times associated with electric vehicles. It’s not a seamless process, however, especially in the UK – where there are just a few hydrogen filling stations open.

The Hyundai truck features a slick makeover fitting of its eco underpinnings. The brand has applied the same treatment to the truck as it does its passenger cars, with blue styling accents applied on top of an aerodynamic grille design.

Hyundai says the geometric pattern of the grille symbolises hydrogen, and mate with a similar pattern on the side body graphics.

Aerodynamic wheel trims and a low-slung side protector finish the sleek look and should contribute to overall efficiency.

The new Hyundai fuel cell truck will debut at the IAA Commercial Vehicle show in Hanover. Full specs will be revealed at the event.

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Stuart Masson
Stuart Masson
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