Isuzu expands options for Grafter range

Isuzu Truck UK has announced it is expanding and uprating the range of options for its 3.5 tonne Grafter truck range and adding new finance and long-term warranty plans.

With immediate effect, the Isuzu Grafter range now incorporates a choice of models on the most popular Grafter 120hp that includes a new option of a fully automatic 6-speed gearbox for the first time, as well as incorporating updated steering and suspension features.

For 2021, the Isuzu Grafter N35.125 (A) 6D Temp chassis is available in single and twin rear wheel models, featuring the Aisin AWR6B45, 6-speed fully automatic gearbox with sequential shift. This automatic gearbox weighs in 35kg lighter than the old model, with a typical 2021 Grafter N35.125 (SA) SWB model, for example, now having a kerb weight of just 1765kg, excluding driver and fuel.

Isuzu has also confirmed that the current Easyshift semi-automatic transmission option will continue to be the preferred option on the higher horsepower Grafter N35.150 model.

Richard Waterworth, head of sales at Isuzu Truck UK, said: “We believe that the latest Grafter 2021 version is a most excellent all-round truck package that is ideally suited to UK operators. In co-operation with our colleagues in Japan, we have been able to refine the driving performance, reliability, and efficiency of this range, but keeping our unique forward cab design.

“Not only does the fully automatic gearbox now make the Grafter even easier to drive, especially within urban environments where it works at its best, but it is now even lighter in weight than its predecessor, whilst offering further improved driving performance as well as reduced emissions.”

As with the full Isuzu truck range from 3.5 to 13.5 tonne, the2021 Grafters are supplied with a three-year unlimited mileage warranty as standard. In support of the new Grafter debut for 2021, Isuzu has also introduced an extended warranty and free service package covering additional four- and five-year options.

This extended warranty and free service package enables customers to choose from either the four year or five-year warranty period package with the option of three mileage parameters at 12,500 miles, 18,750 miles or 25,000 miles per annum.

“Our new after sales offering has proved extremely popular since we first introduced it and shortly, we will be announcing a further three new flexible finance packages, including a ‘Buy now, pay later’ plan, which will enable operators to maximise the productivity of their Isuzus, whilst easing the financial burden of new vehicle acquisition,” said Waterworth.

Isuzu had a record year in 2020 for 3.5 tonne vehicle sales, representing a 17.3% increase in comparison to the previous year, despite the 3.5 tonne chassis cab market being 14% down year-on-year overall.

“Last year, the UK construction industry showed a real liking for the Grafter with tipper sales, in particular, increasing by over 44% in that particular market, whilst the Grafter has become the ‘go to’ truck at 3.5 tonne GVW for both arb and landscaping companies,” said Waterworth.

Dan Parton
Dan Parton is a former editor of Truck & Driver, the UK’s biggest selling truck magazine. He is now writes for The Van Expert and The Truck Expert.

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