Lorry drivers voted as safest on UK roads

Survey reveals HGV drivers are believed to be the safest – with BMW and Vauxhall motorists out of favour

Motorists across the UK say lorry drivers are the safest they encounter – while BMW 1 Series drivers are among the worst out there.

Gloucester-based WMB Logistics quizzed more than 2,000 drivers about the safety of other road users. Of those, 22% of respondents said drivers of HGVs were the safest they encountered, while parents came in a close second at 21%.

Delivery drivers took third place on the podium with 13% of the vote, while coach drivers and recently-passed motorists rounded out the top five at 11% and 10% respectively.

On the flip side, when asked what cars they had seen being driven unsafely, the BMW 1 Series and Vauxhall Corsa took an equal vote as the most prevalent, while Ford C-Max drivers came third.

Asked about which gender they encountered most in unsafe incidents, 80% said male drivers. Building on that, 49% said drivers presumably aged 25 to 35 were the ones they encountered driving erratically most often.

We all think we’re safe drivers

When asked about their own driving, all respondents said they deemed themselves to be a safe driver.

Nearly three-fifths (58%) said they continued driving as they were after an incident with an unsafe driver, with 30% opting to slow down and back off from an erratic motorist.

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