New Mercedes Econic making a visible difference

Superb all-round visibility of the Mercedes-Benz Econic makes London working easier and safer for drivers at Gold Fish Transport

London-based construction materials distributor Gold Fish Transport has added two new Mercedes-Benz Econic trucks to its fleet, in an effort to improve visibility for its drivers when they are transporting goods in the built-up urban areas of the capital.

Arriving via the Motus Truck and Van dealership, these 7.7-litre six-cylinder diesel trucks are now part of the firm’s fleet of 30 trucks based in Brentwood, Essex. The 18-tonne trucks come with a seven-year Mercedes-Benz service contract.

“These trucks are working almost exclusively in London”, says Gold Fish Transport director Lee Nix. “It’s a challenging environment, in which our drivers tell us the biggest issue they face is dealing with pedestrians and cyclists.”

The Econic utilises what Mercedes-Benz calls a “DirectVision cab”, with a deep glazed panoramic windscreen that the brand says provides “optimum visibility”, flanked on either side by inward-opening bus-style glass folding doors for ease of entry.

“The drivers are highly impressed with the range of vision they get from the low cab. They like the access, too – it’s very easy to cross the cab floor and step out through the folding passenger door”, Nix says.

The truck has a lower ground clearance than other trucks in the Mercedes-Benz range, so that small cars, pedestrians and cyclists are more visible, but the air suspension can be raised so that the truck can tackle difficult building site terrain.

The manufacturer says that its Econic chassis has been a popular choice of local authorities and waste and recycling specialists in recent years, but due to its safety benefits, the truck is also now garnering attention from businesses in the construction and distribution sectors.

PAV Haulage certifies two more Actros tractors

PAV Haulage Actros 2545

Meanwhile, PAV Haulage – also based in Essex – has added another two Mercedes-Benz trucks with the delivery of two used Actros tractors, again thanks to Motus Truck and Van and financed via a contract hire agreement from Mercedes-Benz Finance.

PAV runs 17 Mercedes trucks, including eight used Actros tractors supplied by Motus. However, these latest two units are the first supplied under Mercedes’ recently-launched Certified used truck programme. They feature the BigSpace cab (flat floor, 2.5m wide), with 12.8-litre six-cylinder engines producing 450 hp.

Under the Mercedes-Benz Certified banner, trucks are no more than five-and-a-half years old or have covered in excess of 550,000 km. The first service won’t be due for at least 20,000 km and tyres will have at least 6mm of tread depth. It will also be at least five months before the vehicle requires an MOT test and the manufacturer’s warranty will be valid for a minimum of 12 months.

Sean Rees
Sean Rees
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