SDC launches Freespan Curtainsider in UK

Trailer manufacturer SDC has launched its Freespan Curtainsider to UK operators, following years of it being built solely for the Irish market, in response to customer demand.

The Freespan Curtainsider has a clear side aperture for ease of loading, as well as ‘Easy-roll’ curtain rail technology and a low-friction track system, designed for maximum safety during loading and unloading. SDC says it is the first manufacturer to offer the unique curtain rail in the Freespan market.

SDC previously provided a Freespan solution in conjunction with fellow trailer manufacturer Lawrence David, but this arrangement ended when Polish manufacturer Wielton purchased a 75% stake in the latter. Chassis are now imported from Poland for Lawrence David’s pillarless model.

Built on SDC’s robotically welded chassis, the EN-XL rated Freespan Curtainsider is an evolution of the company’s curtainsider range. SDC’s COO Paul Bratton said: “We are delighted to finally release the Freespan trailer in the UK after years of building it solely for the Irish market, providing a reliable solution for customers who require a side loading operation.”

Bratton added that the Easy-roll curtain rail technology has “revolutionised trailer performance, delivering significant savings and advancing safety with its robust design and reliable operation. The alloy rail features a curved design so that there is no ledge for dirt to gather, which would otherwise impact the function of the curtain.”

Manufactured in high tensile steel, the Freespan incorporates SDC’s bolt on body, which relieves stress on critical parts of the trailer and allows for ease of repair in the case of accident damage. The bodywork and curtains have been independently tested by TUV Nord to EN 12642 XL standard and a 29,000kg payload, guaranteeing the structural build.

“We carefully designed and tested every element of the Freespan model using FEA analysis and prototype testing to ensure the product was consistent and reliable, providing long-lasting durability and ease of operation with minimal driver intervention at the roadside,” Bratton added.

SDC can also design and manufacture trailers to customers’ exact specifications. A straight or step frame option can be customised to any length, with any combination of door, floor, storage and load restraint, as well as aerodynamic aids for optimised performance and efficiency. “It lets us provide a competitive advantage to the customer, regardless of whether they are running a small operation or large vehicle fleet,” said Bratton.

“As other manufacturers shift to a more standardised European model, SDC intend to maintain their customer base with the flexible manufacturing process they have perfected over the years. Selling direct to customers in the UK market, SDC has a new competitive advantage, with locally produced manufacturing that can easily be adapted to industry demands. Customer feedback has been excellent, and we are confident that the consistent quality, build strength and longevity will see SDC’s Freespan curtainsider succeed in the market.”

SDC’s Freespan is now in full production with more than 600 trailers already on the road.

Dan Parton
Dan Parton
Dan Parton is a former editor of Truck & Driver, the UK’s biggest selling truck magazine. He is now writes for The Van Expert and The Truck Expert.

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