Carrier Transicold introduces three new refrigeration units

Refrigerated transport equipment provider Carrier Transicold has introduced three new transport refrigeration units into the UK and Ireland for truck, trailer and light commercial vehicle fleets.

The new models include the first PIEK-certified version of Carrier Transicold’s flagship Vector HE 19 (High Efficiency) trailer unit, which will now operate below 60 decibels – the equivalent of normal conversation – in either a mono or multi-temperature configuration.

Scott Dargan, managing director, Northern Europe, Carrier Transicold, said the new Vector HE 19 is “perfect for fleets making frequent night-time deliveries to stores in residential areas.”  

Carrier Transicold met these strict PIEK levels while packaging the new system within the regular Vector HE 19 chassis. The previous generation PIEK-certified Vector 1950 City had its diesel engine housed in an insulated cabinet underneath the trailer.

The new Vector HE 19 is an addition to the range, offering operators the same 10% reduction in weight, 19% reduction in energy consumption and up to 30% reduction in fuel consumption versus the previous generation Vector 1950, the company said.

The second launch is the Xarios 8 refrigeration system, which is aimed at larger rigid trucks. The Xarios 8 unit has improved efficiency and a third more cooling capacity compared to the current Xarios 600, along with a very low refrigerant charge, a new evaporator ventilation motor and brushless condenser ventilation system to reduce wear on parts, and lower maintenance costs, according to the company. Additionally, its shell is manufactured by injection moulding, reducing manufacturing steps and improving the build process.

 “The new Xarios 8 fits perfectly between the current Xarios 600 and our engineless ICELAND system, enabling us to offer a high capacity direct-drive system which is ideal for larger trucks used in urban distribution,” said Dargan.

Carrier Transicold third new product is the Neos HE 100 S for light commercial vehicles. This electrically driven system optimises energy consumption, while maintaining a cooling capacity and look almost equivalent to the standard Neos 100 S system.

The unit features new technology, enabling a 35% reduction in energy consumption to 58 amps. It also offers precise temperature control of an insulated load space, varying in size from two to 6m3.

Dan Parton
Dan Parton
Dan Parton is a former editor of Truck & Driver, the UK’s biggest selling truck magazine. He is now writes for The Van Expert and The Truck Expert.

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