Cartwright raises the roof at the CV Show

Cartwright displayed a prototype for a new ‘lifting roof’ double-deck trailer at CV Show 2018 last week.

The new trailer can accommodate 95 cages, rather than the usual 75 of other trailers at this travelling height. The benefits of the lifting roof are claimed to be considerable – operationally, environmentally and economically – with less fuel used as a result of fewer miles on the road and/or more pallets being carried.

Cartwright expects to achieve fuel savings of up to about 5% with the new lifting roof double deck, as well as reducing emissions to create a significant improvement in carbon footprint.

Operation of the lifting roof is simple, involving one mechanism and one pump. The moveable roof lifts along with the upper deck, allowing enough headroom for the lower deck to be loaded. With the upper deck raised, the internal height of the lower deck is 1.88m.

Both then drop down once loading is complete, reducing the height of the trailer from 4.9m to 4.5m and reducing the internal height of the lower deck to just over 1.5m.

Cartwright claims a capacity of 10 tonnes for the moving upper deck, which is raised and lowered via double-acting hydraulic lift cylinders.

Road trials are about to begin and full production is forecast for later in the year. The trailer is expected to appeal particularly to the parcels sector, especially for operators carrying loose load parcels or parcels in cages.

More new products on show

Cartwright curtainsider trailer
Improved aerodynamics for Cartwright’s latest curtainsider

Also displayed on the Cartwright stand were the company’s latest Fleet Triaxle Curtainsider, a Tandem Axle low-height double-deck trailer, a lightweight box body and an aerodynamic insulated box body. All of these products have been produced in-house by Cartwright at the company’s recently installed £1 million-plus pressing plant.

The Fleet triaxle Curtainsider is a significantly more aerodynamic version of Cartwright’s previous version, with a tapered chassis and a bowed roof that remains lower than the front bulkhead without compromising on inside space. Cartwright also showcased its changeable clip-on livery with a new message displayed on the side of the trailer each day.

The Curtainsider also follows the Group mantra of being “Better. Built in Britain” as a truly British-made product. The lightweight ExcelLite paneling, clip-on livery system, cold-rolled sections and bearer brackets are all products of British companies at the height of innovation in the automotive industry.

Cartwright low-height double-deck box trailer
Cartwright tandem axle low-height double-deck trailer

The tandem axle low-height (4m overall height) double-deck trailer has independent suspension, aerodynamic cappings, ground access sliding rail and one-piece panels made in-house, giving it a more streamlined shape for significantly improved aerodynamics.

Cartwright’s lightweight box body is a conventional 7.2-tonne box van of bonded construction that maintains the body gap between cab and box, giving a quieter and more comfortable ride for the driver, and greater versatility for the fleet owner allowing for remounting of the body. This delivers a payload of 3,500kg.

The Cartwright aerodynamic refrigerated body on an Iveco Eurocargo 18-tonne is equipped with twin side doors and undermount fridge to make urban deliveries quieter and easier. Fitted with a one-piece aluminium cant rail, it also has a curved roof at the front to reduce drag.

Cartwright aerodynamic refrigerated trailer
Cartwright aerodynamic refrigerated trailer
Stuart Masson
Stuart Masson
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