Page 17 - Commercial Vehicle Engineer - December 2021
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    Throughout the tests, measurements were taken of the auxiliary TRU’s fuel consumption, internal and external temperatures as well as emissions of NOx and particulates.
The study also used official data to estimate the number of diesel-powered auxiliary TRU systems in Scotland and found that 4-6% of the 37,000 HGVs registered in the country may be fitted with a separate auxiliary TRU unit or frequently pull trailers so fitted.
Estimates derived in the study found that these systems contribute an additional 1-2% greenhouse gas emissions to current official figures reported from all the 37,000 HGV propulsion engines operating in Scotland. Moreover, the study showed that the units contribute an additional 5-14% NOx and 9-26% particle mass emissions to the respective official emissions baselines for HGVs working in Scotland.
“This research has... shone a light on the likely scale of the environmental impacts of diesel auxiliary TRUs,” says Brian Robinson, Zemo’s study author. “We now need to work at pace with the cold-chain industry and government to encourage the uptake of cleaner, greener solutions.”
Scott Dargan, managing director, UK and Northern Europe, Carrier Transicold, adds that with the expansion of clean
air zones and similar in many towns
and cities in the UK, increasing noise restrictions and the impending removal of the red diesel rebate: “it is fair to say the dynamics are starting to change for temperature-controlled fleet operators.”
He adds that this has already resulted
in significant advances in trailer technology. For instance, Carrier Transicold has developed the Vector eCool. “The Vector eCool is a fully autonomous, all-electric engineless refrigerated trailer
system, which combines a myriad of new technology to deliver a genuine zero tailpipe-emission solution,” explains Dargan.
“We’ve designed the Vector eCool
to help customers improve fleet sustainability and better futureproof their operations – it is already on the road with customers in the UK and 10 countries throughout Europe.”
Dargan adds that the Vector eCool is suitable for operation with the engineless versions of the Carrier Transicold Vector HE 19 MT and
Vector 1550 E and combines Carrier’s established E-Drive all-electric technology with a new energy recovery and storage system. “This converts kinetic energy generated by the trailer’s axle and brakes into electricity, which is then stored in a battery pack to power the refrigeration unit. This loop creates a fully autonomous system that produces no direct CO2 or particulate emissions,” he explains.
“We’ve designed the Vector eCool to help customers improve fleet sustainability and better futureproof their operations”

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