Page 18 - Commercial Vehicle Engineer - December 2021
P. 18

    “The Vector eCool’s E-Drive technology means there is no need for the mechanical belts and drive train seen in competitor systems, these traditional systems suffer a loss of up to 40% kilowatts cooling power when converting electrical energy into their required mechanical drive – the E-Drive ensures the eCool has consistent, efficient cooling power and pull-down speeds, whether operating on battery power or when plugged into the mains grid.”
Dargan adds that the eCool is PIEK- compliant, operating significantly below the PIEK 60 dB(A) standard.
But it doesn’t only reduce the environmental cost of operation, it also has operating costs lower than those of a standard diesel refrigeration system,
Dargan adds, although the total cost of ownership depends on an individual customer’s specific application.
The system is also built to last, with the generator designed to have a similar operational life to that of a traditional
transport refrigeration unit (>25,000 hours), while the cell technology in the battery pack can endure 4,000 recharging cycles, which should equate to 10 years plus on the road for a typical fleet, Dargan adds.

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