Earthline upgrades fleet with Scania XT tippers

Earthline Limited, one of the largest independent earthmoving, recycling and quarrying companies in England, has ordered 26 new Scania XT tippers to upgrade its fleet.

The order consists of a selection of 410hp Scania XT 8×4 trucks. XT models posses a tougher exterior, with a steel bumper, headlamp protectors and robust rear view mirrors. They also have suspension specially designed for heavy-duty usage.

Malachi Chambers, general manager of Earthline, commented: “We really liked that the Scania XT range already came with a lot of the robust features we’d usually add once we received them, which ultimately meant that we got them working sooner.

“Even simple features like the headlamp protection helps prevent breakages, which in turn means the vehicle doesn’t have to stop or be taken off the road for repair.”

Chambers adds that “the majority of our fleet is Scania and we’ve been running Scania products for around 18 years.

“We’re great fans of the products and enjoy the after sales support we receive, so for us it was an easy decision when looking at upgrading our current range.”

Michael Dalton
Michael Dalton
Michael graduated from university in 2016 with a degree in Human, Social, and Political Sciences, and is a former contributor to The Truck Expert.

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