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Isuzu Truck UK has announced the arrival of its new range of 2018 3.5-tonne rigids under the umbrella name of ‘Grafter Green’, which join Isuzu’s pre-bodied truck programme alongside tipper and dropside models.

With a choice of standard cab colours of either white or flint grey, the new 3.5-tonne Isuzu Grafter Green 4×2 chassis cab rigids are available in both single and twin rear wheel configurations and meet the latest Euro-VI emissions regulations.

The Grafter Green uses a brand-new Isuzu RZ4E 1898cc four-cylinder diesel engine with lean NOx trap technology. Significantly, no AdBlue is required and it is capable of operating in the new London ultra-low emission zone.

Improved power and torque is 122hp @3,200rpm and 320Nm @ 1,600-2,000rpm respectively. This advanced technology enables a reduction in CO2 emissions whilst the new engine is also far more fuel efficient by the nature of its design and reduced displacement.

The Grafter Green features Isuzu’s new six-speed MCV6W manual gearbox. Driveability is improved as the gearshift is lighter and more precise for all ratios. The clutch pedal application feel is also improved and lightened, making it a more car-like drive.

Noise reduction is a key feature of the new Grafter Green range, with both stationary and driving sound levels being significantly lower than its predecessor. Moving sound levels of the N35.125 have now dropped to under 70dB from 74.5dB.

More concise steering and improvements in ride and handling result from the adoption of a new front suspension and steering system, whilst a spare wheel and carrier is standard on all models.

Weighing in at 1,710kg, the Grafter Green single rear wheel SWB chassis cab is 152 kgs lighter than its predecessor, while the twin rear wheel LWB Grafter Green is 150 kgs lighter than the older model.

Options include: air conditioning, certified tow bar, PTO engine speed controller, and reverse buzzer and speed related beacon switch off units, while handbrake alarms, speed limiters and cruise control will be available within three months.

Michael Dalton
Michael Dalton
Michael graduated from university in 2016 with a degree in Human, Social, and Political Sciences, and is a former contributor to The Truck Expert.

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