KSD invests in 10 new DAF CF tippers

Nuneaton-based haulage, muck-away, recycling and aggregates operator KSD has bought 10 DAF CF 410 FAD 8×4 tippers following the successful performance of 10 early Euro-6 models bought just under two years ago.

The twin-steer DAF CF 410 FADs are all fitted with Edbro tipping gear, with half the new arrivals being bodied by Boweld with their Steel Taperlite HD bodies, and the others by Marshalls who have fitted their Hardox steel bodies.

The trucks come with DAF Warranty Plus, which includes two-year vehicle warranty and a third year of driveline cover.

KSD’s fleet now totals 55 trucks, with the majority multi-wheel rigids.

KSD has a long history with DAF trucks. “They are excellent trucks,” said fleet boss, Glenn Waterfield. “And we can’t say we haven’t tried other marques back in the day, but we just keep coming back to DAF.”

A key part of the decision to renew and consolidate the fleet has been the unpredictability of the construction market in recent years, as well as the drive by major cities to implement Low Emissions Zones. “We run a lot through Birmingham and the surrounding areas, and Birmingham is committed to a Clean Air programme of some sort, so we thought we get ahead of the curve on that,” said Waterfield. “Also, you have to assume that with the growth in such things, and Brexit seemingly on the horizon again, prices could start to rise as people scramble for more new trucks.”

Waterfield adds that the company’s drivers like the trucks, and they show well in fuel and overall performance. “We believe we are giving them the best trucks for the job, but after that those things are all down to the drivers using the capabilities of those trucks to the very best advantage,” he said

KSD is also keen on DAF’s Driver Performance Assistant. This encourages and scores efficient and economical driver activity on the driver’s dashboard display, in such areas as free vehicle roll (Anticipation) and the use of service brakes or retarders (Brake saving) during a trip, with overall scores calculated and displayed as percentages. It also offers advice on gear-shifting, speed control systems will contribute to a higher fuel efficiency. The use of Cruise Control, Predictive Cruise Control and Eco mode is monitored against the road and traffic conditions, and coaching messages are generated where appropriate.

“It’s a real bonus that DAF has built in here,” says Waterfield, “It shows drivers any areas of weakness and offers a total performance score in real-time, without anyone else having to ‘lecture’ them. They’re a good bunch and they now take personal pride in trying to raise their overall scores.”

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Dan Parton
Dan Parton
Dan Parton is a former editor of Truck & Driver, the UK’s biggest selling truck magazine. He is now writes for The Van Expert and The Truck Expert.

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