MAN launches New Truck Generation

MAN Truck & Bus has launched its first new truck generation in 20 years, featuring new assistance systems and digital networking, as well as promising fuel savings of up to 8% and significant reductions in CO2.

The new generation trucks are said to focus on focus on four core topics: the driver in their workplace, the vehicle’s efficiency and its reliable usability, as well as the strong and competent partnership for customers. The four main models from 7.5t to 41t – TGX, TGS, TGL and TGM – remain but have been comprehensively revamped.

The truck is a product of 12 million working hours. In the development, 4 million test kilometres were driven, and 2.8 million lines of software code were written.

The new MAN Truck Generation has the Euro 6d engine range, which was introduced in 2019. The the units, along with additional, newly developed consumption-reducing driveline and software components provides the series with enhanced efficiency, giving 8% fuel savings compared to the Euro 6c predecessor version in classic long-haul transport applications, and thus achieves a clear reduction in CO2.

The improved aerodynamics of the new vehicle design also play their part in this reduction. Furthermore, MAN offers additional targeted and practice-oriented training and instruction options with digital applications, in order to support drivers in even more efficient driving methods.

Comprehensive product improvements for components and in the areas of maintenance and service reduce service life costs. Likewise, the new MAN truck generation offers significant payload advantages for weight-sensitive application sectors.

Other new features on the trucks include turn assist, which helps to prevent serious accidents in urban traffic. The lane change assistant also warns the driver of vehicles in the next lanes. MAN involved customers and drivers in the development of the new MAN Truck Generation from the beginning, so that their requirements could consistently be made part of the new vehicle.

The trucks have been designed with drivers and operators in mind. MAN developers showed different prototype solutions to more than 700 drivers, and 300 national and international customers from 16 countries were invited to Munich, to define the most important requirements for a new vehicle with them in workshops.

MAN offers eight different cabs with its new truck generation, each designed for different applications. The most space is provided by the three large-capacity cabs, designated GX, GM and GN, which are designed for long-haul international transport.

Meanwhile, the new FM cab has the identical length and the same high roof as the GM cab but also meets the high demands of living and sleeping comfort.

The new low FN cab offers comfort, plenty of storage space and a comfortable bed with a high-quality slatted frame for occasional overnight stays, but doesn’t have a high roof.

As before, the new NN cab will be the most frequently chosen variant for the new MAN TGS. Typical applications in the construction industry are for tippers and transport mixers.

The new TGL and TGM series include the CC cab with an outer width of 2.24 metres and outer length of 1.62 metres.

The crew cab – the longest cab in the new truck generation – primarily offers plenty of space for additional passengers, making it ideally suited for trades, for municipal service providers and for emergency services.

At the launch in Bilbao, Spain, Joachim Drees, chairman of the executive board at MAN Truck & Bus SE, said: “We make our customers’ business easier, more efficient and thereby more successful. Simplifying Business – this is our claim, our promise. The new MAN Truck Generation allows us to fulfil this more comprehensively than ever before.”

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Dan Parton
Dan Parton
Dan Parton is a former editor of Truck & Driver, the UK’s biggest selling truck magazine. He is now writes for The Van Expert and The Truck Expert.

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