Menzies Distribution invests in 115 MAN TGXs

Menzies Distribution has taken delivery of its first New Generation MAN TGX trucks. The new vehicles, 115 in total, will be operational in Menzies’ nationwide fleet by August.

Menzies’ New Generation TGX trucks are all powered by MAN’s latest’s Euro-6D D26, 470hp six-cylinder, 12.4 litre engines, which are more fuel efficient than their predecessors, and lighter, both areas that impact upon fleet total cost of ownership and vehicle whole life performance.

In addition, the new Menzies MAN TGXs feature a host of advanced safety systems: Emergency Brake Assist, Electronic Stability Programme, Anti-Slip Regulation, Lane Guard System. Included in the standard specification is the Electronic Parking Brake, which applies automatically when the vehicle is parked. All 115 vehicles have been specified with MAN’s new driver attention guard, red seat belts and to ensure third party safety, acoustic reverse alarms.

All of the new vehicles have been specified with MAN’s latest comprehensive Efficiency Package, which includes MAN Efficient Cruise 3, MAN Efficient Roll, MAN Idle speed driving and Engine idle shutdown.

“As a business it’s essential that we continually look forward and ensure we offer our customers, many of which are blue-chip organisations, an industry leading level of service,” said Adam Purshall, fleet and procurement director, Menzies Distribution Group. “These new vehicles will enable us to focus on the future and further enhance the sustainability and flexibility of our supply chain offering.

“To ensure all our drivers are comfortable and fully in-tune with the new vehicles and the new levels of technology found onboard, in terms of driver assistance systems and the advanced drivetrains, we ensured all our in-house driver trainers were fully briefed and trained by MAN’s ProfiDriver operation before the first vehicle arrived. This thorough product training is invaluable and will form the backbone of further training for our wider driver community as more of the new vehicles join the fleet.”

Purshall added that the latest camera systems and telematics solutions such as nearside enhanced-vision cameras, nearside sensor systems, forward facing camera have been installed across the entire fleet, both into the new additions and retrofitting on to all existing vehicles, in partnership MAN Telematics and Microlise Fleet Management.

“During our comprehensive driver training sessions we coach all our drivers, across the entire workforce, to drive efficiently and take advantage of the cutting-edge technology found on-board the vehicles. Designed to help maximise vehicle productivity and improve overall TCO, MAN’s efficiency package also helps us reduce our carbon footprint.”

In the cab, Menzies has equipped the vehicles with under bunk fridges, satellite navigation and MAN’s SmartSelect, which provides the driver with a touch-free infotainment system. Further features include automatic windscreen wiper activation with built-in rain sensors, and automatic high-beam low-beam driving-light control.

“MAN TGX tractors have played a major part in our vehicle fleet, they have proven robust, reliable, and extremely efficient and we’re looking forward to more of the new vehicles arriving,” said Purshall.

All of the 115 new vehicles have been prepared and pre-delivery inspected through MAN Truck & Bus Felixstowe.

In addition to the new MAN TGX tractors, Menzies has also purchased 65 new Don-Bur and SDC trailers. Both tractors and trailers will work nationally throughout Menzies’ depot locations.

Dan Parton
Dan Parton
Dan Parton is a former editor of Truck & Driver, the UK’s biggest selling truck magazine. He is now writes for The Van Expert and The Truck Expert.

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