Rory J Holbrook put first new DAF tridem on the road

Norfolk-based aggregate supply specialist, Rory J Holbrook, has become the first company to put the latest DAF 8×4 rear-steer ‘tridem’ chassis on the road.

Rory J Holbrook recently received the first two CF 410 FAW sleeper-cabbed trucks from a total order of six units from Norwich-based DAF dealer Ford & Slater.

With rear-steer capability, sleeper-cab, air-suspension, a lightweight ‘highway’ chassis and Fruehauf’s all-new Aggri-Roll (Mk III) non-tipping ‘V’ body, Rory J Holbrook describes the new DAF fleet as a ‘unique proposition’ for road surfacing and associated operations.

The first CF 410 FAW is being used in Rory J Holbrook’s contract with road construction company Kier Highways. Fruehauf’s aluminium construction Aggri-Roll body delivers aggregate via a moving conveyor floor that dispenses material directly to the road surfacing machine. The fixed ‘V’ body eliminates the inherent problems of using a conventional tipper when in proximity with over-head power lines and road-side trees, thus improving safety and reducing the need for road closures. The 16 cubic-metre hopper discharges just under 20-tonnes of aggregate in under two minutes.

DAF’s ‘FAW’ axle configuration – the latest addition to DAF’s multi-axle range – strikes a balance between on/off road traction and handling agility, combining four-axle payload potential with 6×4 manoeuvrability. A new 10-tonne front axle brings additional loading tolerance across the chassis.

Managing director, Rory Holbrook, said: “No other truck manufacturer can offer the combination of a lightweight ‘non-construction’ chassis on a four-axle tridem set-up, a sleeper cab and air-suspension. After my contact at Kier saw a conveyor floor on one of our trailers, he asked if the methodology would transfer onto an eight-wheel rigid. We sat down with DAF, Ford & Slater and Fruehauf and the answer was ‘yes’. The result is a truly no-compromise solution. Apart from the health and safety and productivity benefits, the new truck is a massive hit with the drivers – especially the [TraXon] auto-box and the high-spec CF sleeper cab.”

Kier Highways’ general manager, Andy Mayos, added: “The introduction of the non-tipping DAF with the conveyor floor body for our surface dressing operation has delivered a significantly safer working environment for our workforce. We no longer contend with overhead cables and the associated risks of cable strikes. Also, our clients no longer need to undertake time-consuming overhead cable surveys, and there’s no requirement for us to implement ‘no tipping zones’. Our operation is wholly more efficient as a result and we hope that the wider industry adopts this solution as standard practice.”

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Dan Parton
Dan Parton
Dan Parton is a former editor of Truck & Driver, the UK’s biggest selling truck magazine. He is now writes for The Van Expert and The Truck Expert.

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