SK Distribution invests in new Volvo FE rigids

SK Distribution has invested in four new Volvo FE-240 rigids for its Palletways delivery and collection networks.

The Buxton-based company specialises in express pallet delivery nationwide, but these trucks are predominantly used for deliveries within a 50-mile radius of SK Distribution’s facility. It is also a member of the Palletways network.

All of the trucks have Volvo’s Euro-VI, D8K engine, 12-speed I-Shift automated transmission systems and single reduction 13-tonne drive axles. The dayshift operating vehicles were ordered with 255-litre aluminium diesel tanks. These were supplied by Mark Lingard, Customer Solutions Manager at Thomas Hardie Commercials Ltd.

The Volvo FE-240s are all specced with Comfort cabs, which have an interior height of 1.6m, a length of 2m and is 2.3m wide. As the trucks are all used for day work, the extra cabin space is used for office space rather than fitting a bed.

Also, given that the trucks largely operate in urban areas, SK Distribution has had Volvo’s factory-fitted, additional lower glazing panels on the FEs’ passenger doors. Full body width, cantilever tails lifts are also fitted to the FEs and when not in use, the platforms also act as rear doors.

SK Distribution’s original order had been for four Volvo FL rigids, but as Vic Smith, SK Distribution’s managing director noted: “We were upgraded to the FE models due to our required wheelbase size of 6.45m. We’ve had Fred Smith & Sons (Motorbodies) Ltd curtainside bodywork fitted to the group, each of which can accommodate 14 pallets and a pump lift truck. The extra half metre length over our old specification makes a big difference.”

The new trucks are also proving popular with drivers, Smith added. “The specification and performance of the new Volvo FE trucks are leaps and bounds over the other makes they replaced.”

Dan Parton
Dan Parton
Dan Parton is a former editor of Truck & Driver, the UK’s biggest selling truck magazine. He is now writes for The Van Expert and The Truck Expert.

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