Updated Mercedes MirrorCam aids truck safety

Mercedes-Benz has rolled out the second generation of its MirrorCam system, which effectively replaces the rear-view mirrors

Mercedes-Benz Trucks is rolling out the second generation of its MirrorCam system, which effectively replaces the rear-view mirrors on commercial vehicles.

First offered on production trucks in 2018, the system has undergone several improvements which Mercedes-Benz says have been made as a result of “intensive discussions” with customers who have been using the cameras on a daily basis.

The system replaces the traditional door-mounted main and wide-angle mirrors on a truck with cameras that are mounted in pods on either side of the cab at roof level. These feed a pair of portrait-format 15-inch monitors mounted on the inside of each A-pillar – according to the designers the large size of the monitors makes it easier for the driver to judge the speed of other traffic.

In the second-generation version the camera arms on each side have been shortened by 10cm, resulting in a view that is much closer in perspective to that provided by a conventional mirror. As a result the camera pod no longer protrudes beyond kerb level, removing the danger of collisions with objects at the side of the road.

Further updates include changes to the housings to reduce the likelihood of the camera being obscured by debris, and an improved-contrast display on the monitors. This works particularly well when the vehicle is reversing into dark or poorly lit areas.

The camera system retains already popular features including a wide-angle mode for reversing, distance lines on the display to better assess the space to objects behind the vehicle, camera panning when cornering and a means to monitor the vehicle’s surroundings when it is at rest.

MirrorCam also works with the Sideguard Assist cornering aid and can alert the driver to dangers when turning, such as pedestrians or cyclists.

The latest MirrorCam is now available on the Mercedes-Benz Arocs and Actros ranges, including the electric eActros.

Andrew Charman
Andrew Charman
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